As EPIC Spacecoast opens during our “new normal”, it’s incredibly important we do so with an abundance of caution and a high level of confidence in our safety and disinfection policy changes, which align with CDC recommendations. The EPIC studio design, structured class schedule, block interval training and tight-knit community of affiliates enables us to have a more controlled environment in comparison to other fitness gyms. Below is what we’re doing to ensure the health and safety of our members and staff. 

Thanks to our EPIC Programming team, we can control what equipment members use during class via verbal instructions from our coaches. Furthermore, our members are assigned to certain stations during the workouts to minimize both sharing of equipment and cross-contamination.

We have have opened with a reduced class capacity to minimize congestion in the lobby spaces and to maintain social distancing/physical distancing recommendations set forth by the CDC. Since members are required to register for classes online ahead of time, we are able to control the number of members and staff present at the gym at any given time.

Our classes are 45-minutes with a full 15 minutes of cleaning between each class. Notably, our studio will be completely emptied of members between classes to enable staff to clean and disinfect with CDC- and EPA-approved agents. Our staff will receive education on proper use of PPE while cleaning and disinfecting, and cleaning protocols are already established as part of employees’ responsibilities.

Our staff and members are health-conscious individuals who are eager to participate in social distancing and cleaning protocols. It has always been a part of our studio experience to provide members with disinfecting wipes between interval blocks and to encourage members to wipe down every piece of exercise equipment they’ve used before rotating to the next station.

Our “Interval” strength and conditioning program blends a mixture of cutting edge workout philosophies. The EPIC program maximizes different training techniques while helping each member attain his or her personal goals. The combination of HIIT training, Full-Body mobility movements, Obstacle Race Skill sets, Goal Specific programing and much more takes our training program to the next level. We cap each class with attendance to maintain a semi-private class culture.

If you’re looking to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or are rehabbing injuries, this program is for you. This program is for beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Our standard monthly membership is unlimited, but we also offer basic memberships at 3x a week and 10-class packs. Find your location to read more on our memberships.

Memberships will vary by location. Please see your local EPIC location for membership prices and packages.

Each of our locations offer different first-time specials. Be sure to check your local location for your way to try out EPIC.

We don’t believe in sign-up fees. Only showing up and giving it your all.

Each exercise within our classes are specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. Our coaches are here to help guide you through the exercises as you need help or to challenge your further once you’ve mastered the exercise. We welcome everyone from beginners to advanced.

Yes! We offer packages for those that cannot attend class on a regular schedule. These are classes that you can attend at your convenience.

Train EPIC. Sweat EPIC. Live EPIC. Be EPIC.